dreaming: 12 mood pieces for piano
Inspired by timeless poetry.

Dreaming is a landmark in connecting piano music with poetry. David says about these poems, "The poems are intended to be read before each piece in performances, or the listener may read the poem silently as they hear the music. The music is supposed to transport you to another world, a better world."
Time: 21'15"

Praise for the music and recording.

"Combining modern classical and new age stylings, Isaac has created a distinctive sound that is both accessible and very sophisticated. ...it has a warmth and depth of emotion that is absent in many "modern classical" works."Kathy Parsons, MainlyPiano.com

"When I first played the "Dreaming" CD the notes carried my cares away. It continues each time I listen."T. Buino

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Pieces included in the set:
1. Skylark 2. Memory and Me
Download Sheet Music .PDF
3. Moonbeam
Download Sheet Music .PDF
4. Easter
5. Sleeping Swans 6. The First Faint Star
7. The Piano 8. Hope
9. Snow-Flakes 10. Dawn
11. Autumn Leaves 12. Dreaming
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