Parnassus, by Andrea Appiani
String Quartet No. 1.  A lighthearted tribute to Haydn and Mozart

A cheery celebration of life.

It is cheerful and carefree piece. Says David Isaac about the piece, “I think this piece is just fun to play and to listen to. That's mostly it. It doesn't say anything very profound.” Like Spring, this piece reminds us to enjoy life. Everything is good; all will be well.
Time: 14'15"

The moods of springtime.
This Classically-inspired quartet vividly portrays the aspects of springtime.

I. This lively sonata form represents the rejuvenating, bustling aspect of spring.
II. In song form, this movement is like a dialogue between two lovers, represented by the 1st and 2nd violins. It is soft and gentle, unhurried and engrossed in discovery.
III. The spontaneous nature of spring is the inspiration behind this movement. A minuet in form, it is like a dance of courtship between to lovers. They are flirting at one moment; then serious in the next.
IV. This final movement is a fast and short celebration. Its compound meter gives it a jig-like sound.

Performance options.
Movement 2 can be used as a standalone piece lasting 4'25".

For two violins, viola, and cello.

Programming ideas.
The piece works especially well in spring-time concerts. It can be used as a substitute for a Mozart or Haydn quartet to add variety and interest to a program. The music can also be used as background music at a wedding or formal dinner. Since it sets a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, is works well as a concert opener, or a closer to the first half of a program.

Listen to excerpts.

Mvt. 1 Excerpt
Mvt. 2 Excerpt
Mvt. 3 Excerpt
Mvt. 4 Excerpt

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