String Quartet No. 2.  A Biographical Journey
David Isaac:

"This is a very special piece to me. I wrote it in the months before my wedding, and it was played at the wedding reception. The piece was really confusing to our wedding guests. It was not the typical piece that you would hear at a wedding: It is not Pachelbel's Canon or a march, your typical wedding-music. It is not overly romantic or overly sentimental.

"The piece expresses how much she changed my life.

"You have been living your life, then you find something that makes you say, 'Wow, I didn't know what I was missing.' And then you feel complete, like you are in the right place, where you belong, feeling whole. And in an entirely different way than you had never experienced before.

"Movement 1 describes the wandering and somewhat chaotic nature of my life before Eve. The wandering melodies, the errant pizzicato notes. Everything represents a sort of mis-directed emotion and passion. The second movement expresses incredible tenderness. My life is beginning to come together, the moments with Eve have brought everything into focus. And she is what made me decide to focus on music in the first place. In my college years, I was going back and forth between writing and music, and she took me in. She made me believe that I have a gift.

"The third movement is a look back to the first. The wild nature and violent passages, all within a sort of morose, flamboyant scherzo ritornello form. The same theme keeps returning and returning, like a bad habit that is impossible to break. After a sort of mischievous march that ends the movement, the fourth begins.

"This is the movement that really makes sense out of everything else, everything that came before. A sorrowful mournful melody in the 1st violin, aching and straining turns into a piece of joy and fulfillment. It is extreme contentedness. She is my other half and I am now complete.

"This piece is also in memory of Fr. Richard Rego, who always believed in both Eve and me."
Time: 22'00"

Performance options.
The second or third movements can be used as standalone pieces. By itself, the second movement lasts 6'30" and the third movement lasts 4'30".

The piece is written for 2 violins, viola, and cello.

Programming ideas.
Works well in winter or fall concerts. Since the piece contains traditional chord structures and tonalities, it can be programmed with classical or romantic works. It can be used as a soft closer to the first half of a concert.

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