Piano Quintet

The liveliness of spring.

The full sun of a clear day, the cool breeze as it passes through the leaves, the feel of fresh dew on grass: all visions of renewal that are brought to mind by the exuberant tone of this piece. It is confident and positive, full of liveliness and vigor.
Time: 23'00"

A Classically-inspired work.
I. The quintet opens with an energetic first movement. Arpeggiando, pizzicato, and spiccato articulations are prominently featured in the strings, while the piano part contains noble, chordal melodies.
II. Gentle and sincere, this movement is a quiet and peaceful change from the first. It is a love letter or a promise of devotion: heartfelt in every utterance. The legato phrases in the strings with a sparkling piano line gives the piece a dreamlike feel.
III. Scherzo. The energy of the first movement returns, this time playful, light and airy. As a scherzo, joke, it lives up to its name by parodying the serious fugal form.
IV. The piano opens with fast moving chords, setting the stage for a stately solo line from the cello. In the development, the instrumental lines begin to coalesce into a majestic and triumphant recapitulation and coda. The combination of a faster tempo with the legato lines in the strings give the piece it’s nobility. Majestic and triumphant, this movement brings the piece to a close with a vibrant ending.

Performance options.
The second movement works well as a standalone concert piece and lasts 5'20". This second movement has also been arranged for guitar and piano. Click here.

Written for piano, two violins, viola, and cello.

Programming ideas.
Piano Quintet works well in fall or spring concerts. It can work with or as a substitute for Classical or early Romantic quintets, such as Schubert's Trout Quintet or Schuman's String Quintet. Piano Quintet has a strong ending, so could be used as either a concert ender or ending for the first half before intermission.

Listen to excerpts.

Mvt. 1 excerpt
Mvt. 2 excerpt
Mvt. 3 excerpt
Mvt. 4 excerpt

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