This piece expresses the longing for the beauty of the past, the past that cannot be recaptured or relived. It is frozen in a crystalline form. We remember the pure loves, the moments lost, and the loved ones that are gone.
Time: 11'30"

Moving violin melodies and contemporary piano.
This piece highlights the lyrical qualities of the violin. The piano part, while challenging, often softly supports the violin's melodies. The middle section of the piece gives performers an opportunity to show off their technical mastery of the instrument, the violin's use of multiple stops and the piano's use of arpeggio harmonies. The strength of this piece comes from the flowing nature of the violin melodies, and the contemporary voicings for the piano.

Performance options.
Without the repeat, the piece lasts 8'40".

Programming ideas.
The nostalgic and longing feeling would work well in a fall or winter concert. Since it is of a shorter length, it can be programmed with Classical or Romantic Violin Sonatas, and the Violin Sonata in One Movement contrasts well with major-mode sonatas. Or it can also be an interlude between larger chamber works for piano trio, quartet, or quintet.

The piece has a memorable and mysterious opening, so can be used as a concert opener or an opener to the second half. In the coda, the final melody fades away, with a satisfied feeling, so it can also close the first half of a program.

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Section 2 Excerpt.
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