Commissioned by Michael Lich and Ji Sun Lee.

Sonata for Guitar and Piano
An unlikely combination. A Joyful tune.

It is hard to pin one word, one emotion, onto a piece that has so much to offer. However, the one feeling apparent in every note, in every measure, is joy. In all of its forms, the joy of life and love and discovery is overwhelming . This feeling is a sunburst, or a shower of mist, coating the listener in excitement and enjoyment.
Time: 14'50"

A dialogue between the guitar and piano.
The two instruments are equal partners in this musical dance, freely and effortlessly passing the melody line between them as the piece progresses. Each instrument supports the other as both use the full value of their range. It particularly highlights the melodic qualities of the guitar and the gentler qualities of the piano.

Performance Options.
The second movement can be performed on it's own at a length 4'30". For all movements, it is recommended that the acoustic guitar be slightly amplified to help the balance between the guitar and piano.

Programming ideas.
The piece's joyful mood is especially suited for concerts taking place in spring or summer, although it can be played anytime of the year. Since it is classically oriented it works well in concerts that include Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, and much of the standard-repertoire for guitar and piano. With a jubilant and fast-paced coda, it can suitably end the concert or the first half of a program.

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III. Allegro: First page. Click here.   III. Allegro: Last page. Click here.

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