Guitar Sonata

The Orchestra. For Acoustic Guitar.

David Isaac's Guitar Sonata is a dramatic, technically challenging piece with the chromatic and visceral, earthy nature. The piece really contains the colors of the orchestra. In the dramatic moments, one hears a great orchestral tutti, at another moment, the guitar seems to imitate the sonorous quality of the horns, then the quick passages of the strings and woodwinds.
Time: 13'00"

Full range of guitaristic expression.
Guitar Sonata shows off the technique of the guitarist, including contrapuntal phrases, quick monophonic passages, sul taste, sul ponticello, and intense rasguedo and tambour harmonies. The piece utilizes the full pitch range of the guitar, from a scordatura low D, to the high harmonics of the instrument.

Performance options.
The second movement can work as a standalone piece. It lasts approximately five minutes.

Programming ideas.
The diverse sound of this sonata lends itself to being programmed with Spanish, Argentinian, Brazilian, and contemporary guitar recitals. With a classically inspired form, this piece can also be performed as a contrast to Baroque or classical guitar arrangements.

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Mvt. 3, last page

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