Romantic Landscape with Ruined Tower, by Thomas Cole
Essay ofr Orchestra.  Journey of a Man.

A new will and power can be forged from the depths of despair.

This piece perfectly portrays the tragedy of a defeat. It is the somber and heartfelt emotions felt at all of the battles that have been lost, by all of the heroes that have been beaten. But always out of tragedy can come greatness, a new will and power forged from the depths of despair. This, then, is the ending resolve of the piece: a hero vowing to right what has been wronged, and a glimmer of light starting the new day.
Time: 10'30"

A dramatic concert opener.
The Essay for Orchestra is optimal as a concert opener or to open the second half of the program after intermission. With a dramatic and climactic ending, it can also end the first half of a program.

This piece is for full orchestra: the woodwinds are in twos, plus english horn, the brass section is 4, 3, 3, 1, the percussion section includes timpani and one percussionist (playing bass drum, large suspended cymbal, and tam-tam), and strings. Other arrangements are available upon request.

Programming ideas.
The Essay works well for Fall or Winter concerts featuring Romantic programs and pieces, such as those of Barber, Brahms, and Beethoven. With lush and dense orchestration, it contrasts perfectly with a Romantic violin or piano concerto.

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