The Legend of Orion. A 10,000 year old epic

Passion.  Valor.

This epic piece describes three dramatic scenes from the legend of Orion.

I. Orion’s Hunt
Orion walked on the waves to the island of Chios and hunted the beasts of the land, for king Oenopion, father of Merope.

II. Merope
Oenopion broke his promise, and Orion, in his lust, took Merope without her father’s consent. In rage, the great king blinded Orion. Orion, stumbling through the world, eventually found Haephestos, and his servant Cedalion took Orion to the east, to Helios, who healed him.

III. Scorpio
Years later, when Orion, hunting with Artemis, threatened to kill every living creature, Mother Earth sent Scorpio to destroy the huntsman. Though Orion fought mightily, the scorpion struck a mortal blow. After Orion’s shade had descended to Hades, Artemis felt pity and begged Zeus immortalize Orion among the stars. Zeus granted her request, and Orion will forever fight the scorpion in the sky. Remembered and never forgotten.

A feast for the imagination.
"The audience really becomes a co-creator of the work, using their imagination to fill in the story. It's better than movies. We imagine in something greater than technicolor, more real than CG. Ultimately, when we imagine, we learn about ourselves," says David Isaac about the piece.

This piece is for full orchestra: woodwinds in threes, including piccolo, English horn, bass clarinet, clarinet in E-flat, and contrabassoon; the brass section is 4, 4, 4, 2; the percussion section includes timpani and three percussionists playing Wind Chimes, Sizzle Cymbal, Pair of Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal (Large, Medium), Tam-tam, Slapstick, Tambourine, Snare Drum, 3 Tom-toms (Low, Medium, High), Bass Drum, Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells, Xylophone; harp; piano; and strings. Other arrangements are available upon request.

Programming ideas.
The piece works well with romantic 20th century program works. It shares a similarity with pieces such as Holst's the Planets, Dukas' Sorcerer's Apprentice, Ravel's Bolero and Daphnis et Chloe Suites, and Respighi's Fountains, Pines, and Festivals of Rome. With an kinetic coda, the piece may close the first half or second half of the program. The story of the piece provides a unique interest for audience members.

See the score.

Mvt.1 excerpt

Orion Finishes the Hunt

Mvt. 3 excerpt

Orion among the Stars

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