Patriotic Overture.  For 4th of July and Memorial Day concerts.
An all-original tribute.

This piece depicts traditional American patriotism and pride. It is always optimistic and representative of the American ideals: the will to live, the ability to better ourselves and achieve anything. The overture features the first trumpet and horns, with marching-band percussion and accompaniment by the strings and woodwinds. The touching pastoral middle section is a tribute to the heartlands, and the conclusion of the piece is dignified and hopeful.

This piece is for full orchestra: the woodwinds are in twos, the brass section is 4, 3, 3, 1, the percussion section includes timpani and two percussionists (playing suspended cymbal, snare drum, pair of cymbals, bass drum and glockenspiel), harp (optional), and strings. Other arrangements are available upon request.

Programming ideas.
The piece is ideal for Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Labor Day concerts. Although the piece is called an overture, it can occupy any position in a program. Since it uses all original themes, it can be programmed alongside any popular American tune.

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