Commissioned by The Tucson Chamber Artists, Eric Holtan conductor

Carol Collage No. 1. Tidings of comfort and joy.


Prefectly invockes the Reverence and Jubilation that is due the birth of a king.

The awe that this piece instills to the listener is literally sensational. The electric charge that fills the air from the sound of a full choir, the stillness of the audience, and the supernatural tingling from sweeping crescendos are each unmistakable. This feeling of awe is both full of the warmth of a newborn’s smile, as well as the wonder of a clear night thick with stars. The piece perfectly invokes the reverence and jubilation that is due the birth of a king.

A collage of four popular Christmas carols.
The opening of the piece is a reverant and unearthly rendition of the "Coventry Carol," quiet and drawing the listener into a serene and still peace of mind. Then, another part of the choir begins to sing "What Child is This?," and then another group sings "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen." The carols begin to meld and overlap, escalating into a charged collage of sound, while a new and strong melody begins to build out of all of the songs. Then, in a wonderful and blooming unison, the full choir sings a tender and original arrangement of "Angels We Have Heard on High."

A 16 person divided SATB a cappella choir or larger is recommended. A rehearsal piano part is included in the score.

Programming ideas.
The piece works perfectly in a sacred-music Christmas Concert. Carol Collage adds interest and diversity, with it's various textures, including the choir divided into soloists and quartets. Since each carol is not sung in full, it can be programmed in a concert that already contains "Conventry Carol," "What Child is This?," or "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen."

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